JSB Exact Jumbo Pellets



JSB Pellets Heavy 18.13 Grain pellets are well-priced and give excellent quality of manufacture.

It’s easy to see why they win a coveted HAM Gold Award! JSB pellets have a great reputation for accuracy.


JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13 Grain pellets are a high quality pellet from the famous Czech manufacturer. The pack contains the 18-grain Heavy and the 21-grain Monster which, being better suited to FAC power levels, were not used here. The five pellets remaining in my test were the Exact Jumbo 5.51, 5.52 and 5.53, all weighing 15.89 grains, the Exact Express 5.52, weighing 14.35 grains, and the Exact Jumbo RS 5.52, weighing 13.34 grains.

  • 22 caliber
  • 18.13 grains
  • 5.52mm head
  • Domed
  • 500 pellets

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Weight 0.3 kg