Artemis PCP Airgun PR900W



Artemis PCP Airgun PR900W

Artemis launched last year most cheapest PCP Airgun PR900W Artemis PCP Airgun PR900W. It is the most famous airgun in the whole world, especially in Pakistan. Best PCP Airgun for hunting  Artemis PR900W. Artemis company developed airgun very good quality and designs and for an unbeatable price. It is lightweight, good quality, and most decent PCP Airgun. It is covered by wooden Artemis supplies this airgun most quantity and different brand name for example; Diana Stormrider, Airmax Varmint, SPA PR900W & SMK etc. PCP Airgun in Pakistan. Best PCP Airgun for hunting Artemis PR900W.


Artemis PCP Airgun PR900W is a very famous type of airgun among shooters.  Artemis have Artemis PCP Airgun PR900W, Airgun P10, Artemis Airgun P15, Artemis Airgun M16, Artemis Airgun M22 and Artemis Airgun have many more models. Two Caliber 4.5mm & 5.5mm. It is a single/multishot PCP air rifle, PCP Airgun PR900W comes with a magazine and a single shot adapter. PCP Airgun in Pakistan. Best PCP Airgun for hunting PCP Airgun PR900W. With this gun, Best PCP Airgun for hunting. You can also adjust the trigger easily. The velocity of this airgun 4.5 0.55g Pellets >900 FPS approx, 30 Shots at full power, 5.5 1.0g Pellets >800 FPS approx, 35 Shots at full power. If you find more Airgun click LahoreHunters

Specifications Of PCP Airgun PR900W

  • KU:                                                                                 C6007
  • Brand/Company:                                                      Artemis
  • Status:                                                                          New
  • Caliber:                                                        5 mm / .177, 5.5 mm / .22
  • Power source:                                                             PCP
  • Fill pressure (bar / psi):                                        200 / 2900
  • Energy (Joule /                                            16 / 11.8, 22 / 16.2
  • Velocity:                                                    250 – 4.5 mm / .177, 220 – 5.5 mm / .22 (m/s)
  • Cocking system:                                                       Bolt action
  • Magazine Capacity:                                                    7, 9
  • Safety:                                                                         Yes
  • Weight:                                                                 2270(gram)
  • Barrel Length (mm):                                                  450
  • Total length (mm):                                                    950
  • Sights:                                                                  Open Sights
  • Riflescope included:                                               No
  • Mounting rail:                                                   Dovetail (11mm)
  • Stock:                                                                          Right
  • Stock material:                                                         Wood
  • Extras:                                                                 Fill probe, Magazine

PCP Airgun PR900Wwith velocity over 900 FPS with dozens of effective shots. 

  • Metal front sight with silencing effects.
  • Both capable of single and multi-shots.
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Manual safety
  • Finally Portable and light PCP

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg